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The Urban Dictionary defines the Zen as:   a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. This is exactly how the Zen should be thought of as it is the most intuitive paddling boat you’ll ever try.    It has a 100% success rate so far in gaining instant acceptance and immediate smiles as the paddlers trying it know immediately that they are in a boat they’ll want to own and paddle often.     We started off with Dane, Joe Pulliam, Nick, Emily, and myself for the debut paddling of the production models and were able to roll it out to the NOC staff and a broader audience.    The speed, stability, crispness of the carved turns, ease of controlling the bow, and the versatility of the boat are apparent on your first try.     Before you get to try all of that, you’ll smile when you pick up this 39 pound boat that is the lightest in the category.

I am fired up from both the paddling point of view and as a business owner, having a boat that people are going to want!     We work hard to try to create the right products, ones that really hit a nerve and can really make your paddling experience a big jump forward.     The Zen  is one of those boats that will go down in history as the “the boat that made JK the “River Running” company” .    Awesome!    We are an all inclusive company, as you know,  where we love play boating, creeking, river running, touring, fishing, you name it… we love kayaking!    Our Hero and Villain are our staple creek boats now, as our Zen and Fun Runner take over the River Running Category.      If you ask Dane, he is 100% into the Zen and it will be his boat of choice all season for all rivers.    His experiences on Bear Creek, the Green, Great Falls here at Rock Island, North Chic, Suck  Creek, etc.. has him 100% behind the Zen for his hardest runs, or even paddling “Switch” down the entire Green… (yes, he couldn’t wait to tell me how well the Zen runs the Green backwards from the put-in to take out… he’ll share his backwards run down Go Left and Gorilla soon).

Three sizes of this boat should cover your needs well!   I am in the medium myself- known as the Zen 65.

The promo video was just launched if you didn’t see it yet…  Joe Pulliam- Dagger co-founder, wanted to share his thoughts on this boat as he was fired up to see JK make the perfect boat for him.