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Paddle Point Park
Coosa and Cuda

Decided to try and set up a fishing / get together with some local Kayakers. Used the TFF Texas Fishing Forum as the vehicle to get the word out to everyone. We had both paddlers and fishing going to this outing,

Was worried about the weather, but as luck would have it, the day ended up being really nice and was a nice group of people as well. Decided to take out the Cuda for my wife as she was paddling, can not say enough about the way this kayak moves. I decided to take out the Coosa for bass fishing.

Here is the great group of people fishing the event, will provide there blog names from the TFF, from left to right. MKDM, Chess101, TexasSteve, and myself Palovik , What a group of fisherman!

Here are the paddlers, Sharon and my wife Jackie

We all started to leave the launch site around 10:00 am, ready to have a fun day on the water. MKDM was the first to get into a fish, something very large but we are not sure what it was, unfortunately if got off. Then Chess101 (Mr. catfish) hooked up with a catfish weighing in around 2 lbs, TexasSteve managed to get a catfish around 5lbs. I hooked a 2LBs catfish but was unable to get it aboard the kayak for a photo.

The day for fishing was a little slow due to a front that came in from the day before. But everyone seemed to have a great time getting out.

The girls showed back up from the 3.5 mile paddle around 2:00, so we decided to call it a day.

I would like to be the first person to tell you the joys that Kayaking has bought to my wife and myself. I can not say enough about the people, they are all great, made a lot of new friends today as I always do, each and every time I go out. There is nothing like this sport just wished I had found out about kayaking a long time ago.