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I live in a country where we don’t have much white water so most of the time I train on flatwater freestyle kayak. When I bought my new Rockstar I only felt it was a bit harder on flatwater so I got a little nervous about the rockstar’s design.
Until … A few weeks after that, I went to the Plattling wave in Germany. I had been there before with my old allstar and I knew it was a very nice wave where I was able to throw some big air loops. But the first time I entered the wave with my rockstar I immediately knew where this kayak got his name from.
When I looped this kayak it felt like i was a rockstar on a big stage, high above everything! it was an incredible feeling to feel that weightless. even just surfing was a lot more fun in the rockstar than any other kayaks i’ve paddled before.
When I came back, I saw some shots that we made there, and this picture gave me that feeling again just by watching it.

I learned so much since I got the Rockstar, it helped me become Belgian Champion of freestyle kayak in 2011 so I have to say: Thanks for making such a great kayak JK-team!

Hopefully see you on the water sometime!

Piet Santermans