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A  month ago before Louisiana received 10+ inches of rain, the Gator Trout began to show up in Lake Calcasieu. Being in the right place, at the right time, with the right conditions allowed a handful of anglers to catch a good number of trout over 20″, most 22-24″. The local fishing forums were on fire, pictures with blacked out backgrounds and lures began to surface.  The when, where, and how of it all is kept very secret. Everyone has their own way, and because of the work that it takes to figure the larger trout out very few are willing to share.

 A friend and I decided to get out on the water a couple days ago, another trip with unfavorable conditions.  We didn’t catch many fish, but they were big.  In the above picture is a 27″ Speckled Trout.  I caught another trout (23″), and a few small flounder.  My fishing buddy caught a 20″, 24″ & 25″ trout, a couple smaller redfish, and a 17 1/4 flounder. The 25″, 24″, and 27″ trout were released to live another day! Another good day on the water where the Cuda made its mark!