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Cameron Mortenson, author of the blog “The Fiberglass Manifesto, is rapidly becoming a key figure across the country in the fly fishing world. The reader base of Cam’s blog started with enthusiasts using fiberglass fly rods, a material that was replaced with graphite and technology many years ago. However, many anglers still prefer the action of fiberglass and they’ve formed a subculture in the fly fishing world that is rapidly expanding. “The Fiberglass Manifesto” offers readers much more than news in the fiberglass world and Cam’s readership steadily expanded.

Being a long time fan of “TFM” and a fly fishing guide, it was only natural that I email Cam and offer to introduce him to Georgia’s fly fishing claim to fame, Shoal Bass. To my excitement Cam responded enthusiastically and expressed his long time desire to tangle with these warm-water devils. He also expressed an immense interest in the Cuda and Coosa and was looking forward to seeing a Jackson Fishing Kayak in action!

The fishing wasn’t the best, as usual when the press is fishing with you, but we still brought several nice fish to hand and had a great day on Georgia’s beautiful Flint River. Cam got his first Shoal Bass and landed several true trophy sized fish. All in all, it was a great day on the river with a good friend, the best fishing kayaks, and a truly amazing species of fish!

Cam’s write-up of the trip can be read here: