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Got your fill of Jersey Shore and the real housewives of Jersey? Well we have the cure to change your perception of what all Jersey has to offer… Jersey Paddler’s Paddlesport show is the largest canoe, kayak and stand-up paddling show on the East Coast!
Jackson Kayak will be there in Booth 350 and will be showcasing the all new Zen, Fun Runner, Cuda and a peek of the upcoming Big Tuna! Eric Jackson, Dane Jackson, Damon Bungard & Drew Gregory will all be there to answer any questions and will also be providing presentations! This is an event you don’t want to miss!

Paddling as a Family Activity and Rally Point
Eric and Dane Jackson
Paddling has been enjoyed by families for hundreds of year in canoes, kayaks. In recent times there is one family that has taken it to the highest level as a family activity, the Jackson Family. Known in the whitewater world as the “First Family of Kayaking,” the Jacksons have lived in an RV for a total of 120 out of the past 156 months traveling from river to river, coast to coast, and another 18 months overseas together.  Not only have the eldest children (Emily 21, and Dane 18) become the best known kayakers in the whitewater world, but are both Multiple World Champions. KC, EJ’s youngest, is only 3 years old and hasn’t any kayaking accolades on the charts, but enjoys kayaking, stand up paddling, and kayak fishing. Come meet EJ and his son Dane as they talk about how kayaking can improve your family life, as well as your physical and mental well being.

How to Pack for an Overnight Trip
Damon Bungard
This seminar will serve as an introduction to overnight kayaking, covering topics such as kayak selection, gear advice, packing suggestions, water management, paddling factors, safety, and other tricks of the trade for comfortable and enjoyable kayaking expeditions.

Kayak Fishing Wild Waters
Drew Gregory

This is a seminar meant to inform anglers about the main benefits to being a kayak angler – accessing WILD WATERS!  Drew will entertain attendees on how to find these places, creatively access them and how the features in kayaks today are built with the understanding that these are the places anglers desire to fish, and the kayaks themselves want to go!


Paddlesport 2012

Garden State Exhibit Center, Somerset, New Jersey

March 23, 24 & 25

Friday Noon-9 pm
Saturday 9 am-6 pm
Sunday 10 am-4:30 pm