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I recently had the pleasure of creeking with a friend I met in Colorado on a big day on OBJ, Jeff Leach. He brought with him, the Zen! It’s a great looking boat, perfect all round size for river running of any style. This boat acted like it was made for the Upper Caney Fork, handling the boulder gardens, ledges, slots, and holes with ease. Check out what our own class V creeker and Quality Control guy, Jeff, has to say about his day in the Zen:

“Jackson Kayaks have surpassed themselves yet again with another awesome and easy to handle boat. Their newest addition, the Zen is by far the easiest and most maneuverable boat I have ever used for creeking. This past week I had the opportunity to try it out in the upper Caney Fork River located in Sparta Tennessee. The boat proved to be very nimble, handling and responding to every body movement I made. The superior shape and form of this boat made it super easy to carve in and out of eddies and around obstacles. It boofed super well over holes and ledges, and also sat nicely in the water with the bow crushing to waves. The Zen has volume in all the right places making it an all around phenomenal river running boat. I’m proud to be a part of the Jackson Kayak team, this boat is a great addition to the family and I can’t wait to get back in it.”

For more information on the ZEN- Click HERE