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Tyne & Upper Tees – Fun Runner Review

The Jackson Fun Runner has now been in the UK for a couple of weeks now so we decided to head up to the north east to try both sizes the Sixty and Seventy. 

The first river we tried the fun runner on was the North Tyne this gave us the chance to try the boats on some grade 2-3 water, with plenty of waves. The first thing that we noticed was the speed of the boat and how easy it was to move around the river and make eddies,  the boat is also fantastic at catching waves and carving around on them.

On the next day we took the boats over to the Upper Tees to see how the boats handled on grade 3-4 water with drops. The speed and maneuverability of the boat made it easy to hit eddies even on the short and fast flowing dog leg section.

A good test of the boats we thought was to see how they would work going off low force, the boats boofed well, resurfaced evenly and quickly with the rocker profile bringing the boat up with no problem the smaller one also hammers off drops like a dream.