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Day 2 of Canoecopia is Officially Over!

Not without lots of boats out the door, happy customers and floods of people walking the floor. This is going to be a record year for Canoecopia and I am excited to be here and play a part in it!

Everyone is noticing an increase, Sperry Topsiders- Son-R Technology (my favorite booties) found they sold more shoes just today than they did all of last year!

The morning kicked off we me running around trying to find something i could eat for breakfast. I can’t have gluten or dairy and the hotel breakfast is waffles. So i walked to a gas station, bought muscle milk and tried it over corn flakes, definitely top ten nastiest things i have ever eaten!

We headed out to the booth, and my wisdom teeth were coming in full force, made it hard for me in the beginning of my talk about Kids and Kayaking. But i pulled it off (barely) and we all had a good time. I met an awesome girl Grace who is a kayaking rockstar and i met two young boys who own danes old orange shooting star. They were super cute and I really enjoyed talking to them! Below is a couple photos!

The booth was in full force from then on. We had a ton of interest in the Rogue. It seemed like the perfect Wisconsin boat! Out on the Flats or out on the Wolf. It would work perfectly!

After the show floor broke down we all sat at the Refreshment Area where Rutabega provided excellent appetizers and drinks.

Darren started playing the banjo for us and that set the evening from then on. Drew, Jeff and I headed out to make a dinner date with Sperry at a place called the Harvest Restaurant. It is a must go to for my return to Madison. The food was heavenly, the drinks were fantastic and the mood was nothing but cheery!

We walked from there to a bar called Tipping Cow, where we each had our turn ordering the crowd a round of drinks. Talked about kayaking, why it rocks so much and left the bar in full style, only to go to another one. This one is where the event party was, and it was there, just probably two hours before i got there… We watched the band play their last song, called a cab and headed straight for sleep.

Now its the morning of day 3 and I cant wait for my muscle milk cereal (yuck). At least i know i get to go and talk about kayaking all day!

If you’re in the area be sure to come by and see what boats we have to offer! Seems like everyone else loves them, you should check them out too!

Happy Paddling!

Emily Jackson Troutman

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