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Canoecopia 2012 is Officially Over!


Yesterday kicked off with another attempt at muscle milk and cereal, some coffee at the Super 8, and a quick drive over to get the booth clean before the show started.

We arrived and the booth was literally as clean as it could get so we organized just a little and before we knew it the doors had been opened and the customers began flocking. We sold out of Cuda’s and Ibis’s but continued to take orders for them throughout the day. The biggest thing that interested people in the Ibis’s was the seat- i must say we sat in it all day, IT IS COMFY! The Ibis also gave people the, i can go fast, but not be very good and not have to worry about being tippy. Its so true, that boat is stable and glides all by itself.

The Cuda people already had their mind made up when they walked in the door. They just took our time looking at colors! Super happy for all the new Cuda owners out there!

We had people talk and talk and talk about the Journey’s but all determined to paddle it at the shop before purchasing.

We also had a very entertaining Ern Dog, who was working his choices down from the show one by one, this took multiple hours and i cant imagine how hard it must’ve been, but the guy choose right and got himself the most bad ass looking Rogue Ever (a rogue earth)

He is the guy I am helping with the Kiss Me sign on my butt.

After we had everyone out of the mini trippers and a zen, we started taking the booth down. It went super fast thanks to everyone working hard but man alive we were tired…. the bars felt heavier than normal for sure.

Once loaded we went back to the hotel, showered, went to El Pastor Mexican Restaurant where i got some serious MExican Style Tacos. And we all got some seriously good margaritas.

Headed back to the hotel to spend over an hour in the hot tub reviewing our weekend and attempting to stay awake. It was super relaxing and felt great!

A huge thanks to all that made Canoecopia happen and a record year for that matter! I had an absolute blast and cant imagine the amount of work and effort put into such an event! So big thanks to Rutabega and all the volunteers!

Hope to see you out there next year or at a kayak show soon!

(as you can tell from the photos below, we worked super hard…. and played hard too!)

Happy Paddling

Emily Jackson-Troutman

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