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This past weekend is one of the best all year. It is the weekend of Canoecopia in Madison, WI. I love it because it is the first time I get together with everybody in the industry. I have been at home in snowy and cold Idaho waiting to see everyone again. I have been missing all of my paddling friends.

The show was great with a huge attendance this year. I got to see all the new gear for the season too.

I flew home on Sunday to a test run on the Boise Whitewater Park! We had 3000 cfs on the Boise River at Glenwood bridge. I got off the plane and drove to the WWP. Many team members were there including Voorhees, Micha, Jessica, and a ton of JK boaters. There is a great picture of Hayden Voorhees surfing the wave.,00060,00010

I have included some pictures of the features. There are three chanells right now. One was shallow, one was perfect for surf boards, and one was a wave/hole. They are still working on the feature, but expect some great surfing soon.

Spring is here in Idaho!