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My father and I headed down to the Okefenokee Swamp in South Georgia for a quick fishing trip. It was a good trip till the rain came. Everywhere we paddled we were surrounded by hundreds of alligators on either side of the boat. I even had an 11 foot gator charge into the water not 10 feet from the front of my boat. We fished Thursday afternoon in harsh 20 mile per hour winds even though it was a beautiful sunny day. Then Friday we fished from 8 till 4 but the rain started around 1 and just got worse. The fish weren’t biting but I still had fun trying out my new Jackson Cuda. The boat paddles like a dream and the rudder is really handy. The boat really surprised me with how well it handled in the twisty creeks in the swamp. Despite the fact that the fish weren’t biting I had fun in my Cuda. And even though the the trip was cut short it was good to hang out with family.