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The ice has broken!

We have been out on Kenduskeag Stream and throwing around the Rock Star medium I just received from Jackson Kayak. The spring run-off is poor here but the sun is out!

You can walk the shuttle on the “Keag” and it offers up some good play with some fun class III rapids.

The Rock Star large is the first Jackson Kayak I have ever owned.

I have been paddling the Rock Star large since last June. I am 215lbs. 5’11” with 30″ inseam and size 10 dogs.

I was really excited to paddle the medium Rock Star and be able to compare the two and let my main man Jeremy check it out. His old play boat has seen better days.

Jeremy is 180lbs at the most. 5’11” with size 12 dogs. He has been kayaking 10+yrs.

He was really impressed with the speed and loose hull. It looked like he could throw it around easily. He commented on how comfortable the boat was. I heard him say something about wanting one:))

Here are some pics of Jeremy, Ben and I on Kenduskeag Stream during the past few weeks.