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Every fall season I get the chance to fish one of my favorite Snook fisheries here in SW Florida, The Myakka River. The bite usually starts in November and runs through late February.This year we had a very short time period that the Snook were in the river do to the warm winter we had. So we were cut short. The bite was at its best in December & January. The fish we were getting on these trips were usually larger Snook averaging 28″ with the largest at 36″ taken by a client ,Mike L.
Fishing the Myakka river is something I look forward to every year. The river has many other species to target as well including Redfish,Tarpon,Large mouth Bass and the prehistoric Alligator Gar. If your into wildlife photography this is a great place to get photos of many different species of birds,Alligators,Deer and who knows what else you will run into on the river. Maybe even a Sasquatch.:)

It’s great to get off the same old saltwater flats and change it up a bit, but now that spring is upon us its back to the same old grind.

With out my Jackson Kayaks none of this would be possible. Thanks JK