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Ever find yourself looking out the window at a grey sky with the temperature barely above freezing? Well when you live in Montana in the winter this is almost every day. A lot if the time I find myself staring at a computer screen watching kayaking videos and looking at new boats that are coming out, getting myself pumped up just to find out that the lovely big rush of snow melt isn’t for another few months. Trying to muster up the energy to get your kayaking gear on and find a boating buddy is difficult, I know. But getting outside and being active is something that we kayakers need to do! So in order to keep from going insane, I have a short list of activities to keep you going in these winter months.

Some things that can be done when it is dang cold out:

1. Outfit your boat. There is always something to be done to your boat, so why not spend some time sitting in the living room turning your average outfitting into something personal and custom.

2. Work out. Yeah yeah, I know I am not really one to talk here. But there is nothing wrong with taking a few minutes out of your day to do some crunches and pushups. Planks are great too.

3. Ski. It might not be kayaking, but it keeps you in good shape and it is a lot of fun. Being active at high altitudes is great if you plan on kayaking at high altitudes.

4. Learn about rivers you want to paddle. There are a lot of great guide books out in the world today, so borrow a friends guide book and read it. Look for rivers in your skill range and where you might be spending some time in the future. Great for when you have to make a family trip.

5. Suck it up, and go paddle. Yeah it might be cold, and it might be low flows, but get your dry gear on and go do what we do best. Paddle.

So try to keep on pushing through the winter, spring will be here shortly. And remember, always bring a throw-rope and try to paddle with a partner.