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Hello everyone, my name is Jackie Foster Palovik, just wanted to introduce myself and tell everyone a little about me. I have always loved fishing from off shore to lakes and streams. My husband Mark Palovik and I have always had a boat in our lives and naturally we started to develop an interest in fishing. We live in the Dallas Texas area with plenty of great lakes around us. Ever since our three children could walk they have come with us out to the various lakes we fished, you could say they grew up on the water of some kind. Our family vacations have always had some kind of fishing linked to it as well!


My husband has been on the National Jackson Fishing Team for the past year now and I have been along with him enjoying every minute of the Jackson Kayak fishing experience.  Fishing was a fun hobby in my life until my husband introduced me to Kayak fishing, and it has become a great part of my life. I always try and spread the greatness of Jackson Kayaks, and kayak fishing along with him. There is not a family member or family friend who has not been out on the lake with us yet to try Kayak fishing at least one time. I have participated in some of the tournaments and I have never had so much fun. The thrill of reeling in a great catch from a kayak is an exhilarating experience.  We are up to five Jackson Kayaks now, a brand we have come to rely on for our family fun and fishing needs.


I was thinking why not be on the National Fishing team! I am hoping to reach out to more spouses who are unsure about fishing from a kayak, its more then just a guy thing. Mark and I have had such a great time doing something we can actually participate together and love to do. When we are out Kayak fishing together it becomes like a mini vacation for the two of us, whether it be at our local lake or not. The Kayaks are a great icebreaker and a great way to meet people who are always interested in the Kayaks! I am so excited to tell people the thrill of kayak fishing, it’s a sport with no boundaries, any one can do it and it’s a guaranteed fun time.