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OK.  So here’s the thing.  While the entire Jackson Family whist off to Charlotte to train, then to Jersey Paddler to work hard, I’m off to spend a sunny weekend at Rock Island enjoying some beers and fly fishing for my favorite catch… musky!  This coming weekend Jackson Kayak is proud to be one of the sponsors of an inaugural Musky Fly Fishing World Championships.  Before too many groan and say “there goes James again to another tough gig” with eyes rolling up, let me tell you I’ve been hard at work prepping for this.  On the best of days, musky is a hard fish to catch.  On the fly, something I’m very new at for musky (trout and salmon for years) this becomes a bit more than a paddle down a creek.  The good news is that while I whip massive hooked flies aimlessly into trees, I’ll be standing on a Big Tuna!  This boat shares time as a tandem fishing kayak (made perfect for Sam/Emilie and I) but also a great solo boat for uber stability, tons of storage room for overnights and speed!  For fly, it also means I can stand in any conditions with more clear deck room below my standing position to strip line to without too much mess and risk of tangle.

Prep began last week as I began to bring the gear together.  8 to 11 wt everything, reel, rod, line, leader, tippets and big ole musky flies.  As the dust flew off of my gear from a few months inactivity, I quickly found the need to really start planning the trip right.  With spawn starting, musky will be up river into tributaries and hitting shallow waters… so top water will be the safe bet.  I’ll still bring up some sinking tackle, but I have my main set ups to the surface.  Net will be key as mine has seen better days and this piece is key for a safe release of the eventual monster I’ll be bringing in (he he).  I spent the day figuring out my line weight from backing, to line, to leader (gonna have 3 pieces to that) and still debating metal bite guard vs fluorocarbon … hmmm.  The at the very end, I think I’ll be at great advantage thanks to my new best buddy, Brian Price… the Vermont Fly Guys (Like these guys).  Brian has sent me a full assortment of flies.  I’m a huge fan of both the chartreuse and white presentations when I fish spinner, so already have my favorites out of this bunch.  But great big thanks to Brian as he came through for me big time with a quick delivery and amazing tying!

Tomorrow I head to the local spot for pike and get my tossing arm going.  After 3 years of fishing musky with big bait, spinner and baitcaster, this will be a challenge.  Like it!  I promise to bring you all along on my adventure.  Saturday is the big day!  See you there!