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Clearly there was a bunch of turmoil surround the preparations for my birthday last night.   Massive thunderstorms, rain, and tornados everywhere… all hell was breaking loose, it seemed, and just as it looked like evil was going to triumph over good, I woke this morning to crystal clear, calm skies, birds singing, horses playing in the fields, and my wife wishing me a happy birthday!      5,300 cfs and rising on the Caney Fork…  disc golf calling my name, and plenty of playmates with Emily, Dane, Nick, KC, and Kristine ready to go!   An epic birthday on its way.   Kristine is wearing her new nightgown.. (Oh yea……) while she is preparing the strawberries and biscuits for my favorite breakfast, Strawberry Shortcake (making my mother’s recipe).       Emily and Nick haven’t shown up yet (where are they? it is already 8:45!)  and Dane hasn’t woken up yet.. (big surprise :))  But KC and I have been playing Angry Birds with stuffed Angry Birds characters- he is getting good at throwing and destroying those green pigs and knocking them off the coffee table.

I am fired up for today- and for my year as a 48 year old.    48 is the new 21 if you know what I mean…   My personal theory is that you are only as old as you let your body, mind, and actions dictate.    My body is as good as it was at 21 as far as I can tell (a lot more chest hair, is the only major difference, and a little more muscle mass. :))  My mind, hard to say, really.  My thoughts are a little more focused and I spend my time doing things besides chasing girls, and trying to make the USA team for the first time, and be a millionaire by 30…  I am more in the moment now then before, I guess.

Last night I put this video together- mostly footage from this week and yesterday, but some footage from Mexico, some from Last Week on the Raven Fork…    My birthday video, kind of…

signing off- time to eat soon!