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This weekend, I and a few friends were able to take the Funrunner out for a test drive on the South Fork of the American River in California this weekend. WOW is all I can say. I have to admit, I can be one of those mental cases where you change the boat or gear and you might lose your composure, but NO WAY in the Funrunner! I started out in the class 2 section to get a feel for the boat and quickly realized this would be an INCREDIBLE boat for slalom courses. It responded to eddy lines so well,and runs through actual rapids like an effortless dream. I felt like I could keep up with my daughter on a true race course (wish I had it in Texas at the San Marcos river races!) It was a SUPER stable boat through the class 3 rapids, and challenged me (15 yrs of ww kayaking) to be able to FLIP this boat in any rapid! I am also happy to say, one of the other boat testers, a gentleman about to do his first Grand Canyon trip, was surprised on the power and speed of this boat, but also super psyched on a potential trip with a 2011 Hero, finding it both super easy to roll (Not as super turbo roll as in the Funrunner) and great to handle. I have to say, this boat was comfortable, stable and super easy to take through rapids. It boofed easily and more importantly, slid like a dream to every eddy I chose to attain. We had arguments on whether to call it Turbo, Zippy, or Flash, in the Hero line of names! If you get a chance, try out the Funrunner, call us or your local store-glad to get you in an awesome boat!


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