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After a somewhat lengthy hiatus of paddling due to focusing on school and getting into college. Which has been done and I have finished high school I got back on the water. I spent my first time in Chattanooga Tennessee with my good friend Haley Popp. I got to go on a new river and try out a boat I had never paddled before, the Punk Rocker. The Tellico was an awesome river to get back into boating with, it had technical lines but all were super forgiving. I paddled with Haley Popp, Elliot Berz, and Alexis Grace. All of them made me super comfortable on the water and I loved getting to hang out with them. I was in awe about how well the punk rocker would boof and go to all the places I wanted to go since I mainly only paddle my Rockstar. One of my favorite things about the river was that it as a great practice river for getting into tight eddies, hard ferries, and boof practice, which never hurts to have. I also got to explore Chattanooga some which was so cool. It is such a unique city. For my birthday celebration we went biking through the nature center and saw horses and turtles and a bunch of snakes. It was a great trip that reminded me how much I love kayaking.