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Let me start off by saying, I have been fishing for 26 years (Since I was about 7,) mostly from the bank, casting, hoping, and praying to catch a monster bass. I would watch those fishing shows on Sunday mornings before church and see them reel in these huge bass and think: one day that’s gonna be me. A few years ago, a friend of mine talked me out of getting off the bank and into a kayak. After one afternoon in the Devil’s River fishing out of a kayak (and a cheap, plastic, unstable one at that,) I caught the fever, like most us do, and started buying kayaks like they were going out of style. Over the next few years, I probably tried 7 or 8 different kayaks, some pretty good, others..not so much. Then, I saw the Coosa promo video. I just knew that would be the perfect boat for the few rivers and creeks that don’t get a whole lot of attention in West Texas. The thought of standing up and casting for bass while on the river was just what I had been wanting. I showed a few of my friends the video and within a few months, we all became proud Coosa owners. Last year, my friend Lonnie took me out and I caught my biggest bass (a 6.7 pounder caught at night on a buzzbait). This year, we were fishing some small public water near San Angelo, TX. We were fishing in overcast weather, raining off and on all day. Me and my friend, Lonnie, caught about 21 Largemouths from 1 – 3lbs. Then towards to the end of the day….WHAM…. it finally happened!! A 9lb, 11oz largemouth! From a kayak no less and not in a lake!!! I caught her standing up in my Jackson Kayak Coosa (although, I did sit down rather quickly when I saw how big she was) I was using a texas rigged orange and red YUM money craw. Now, I had two really nice bait-casters with nice rods with me, but I happened to be using my wife’s spinning setup with 12lb test line and a 1/0 hook. I never thought I would land her and I would just end up with a good fish story. Honestly, it took more time than I would have liked of nerve racking, heart pounding, drag ripping action. I give props to Skeet Reese spinning rods, and Shimano Sahara spinning reels for sure.

I also have to say, that Drew Gregory designed one heck of a kayak with the COOSA. I own two of them and with the drag chains, anchor trollys, they are great boats to stand and fish from, not to mention tons of storage and a seat to die for. You da man, Drew! Hooking a big fish with complete confidence while standing was awesome for me. I did CPR the fish and left her to grow to double digits soon. Finally, I can cross that off my bucket list…and move on to a new goal: Catching a double digit Largemouth from a river out of a Coosa.. (I just hope it doesn’t take another 26 years).

I also have to say thanks to my fishing buddy, Lonnie Hamil. (The guy pictured in the red and grey jacket, with the “stop taking pictures of the little fish,” smile.) He has been showing guys how much fun it is to fish out of kayaks for many years. He has also been my kayak fishing guide and been there to help me catch the two biggest bass of my life. Can’t put a price on a friend like that.

Thanks again for designing boats that turn dreams into reality.

Brandon Utley