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Continuing my luck with high water out west, we rallied to Outlet Park and Huck. Outlet is a 60 footer in Washington State with a pleasant little eddy to catch at the lip. No one else seemed too excited on running it, so I offered to go twice. With a stout crew of six people, we rallied to the drop. After positioning a Go Pro plus two “extreme cams” on my boat and me, I began the icy bushwhack to the put in. Hopping in my Villain S I eddied out to turn on my Go Pro, forgetting to press record. Soaking in the calm feeling one gets when there is no turning back, I peeled out. Taking a correction stroke that put me flat, I was surprised to feel the soft landing.
After a harsh hike out, I repeated the whole ordeal! This time, one extreme cam fell off in the pool and my skirt ripped a bit, but otherwise I had a great line! Savoring the double win of the day, the crew headed back to Hood River for left-over pizza and some editing.
Thanks to Devyn, John, Erik, and John M.

-Galen Volckhausen