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Want to take your kayaking to the next level? Or simply find new ways to enjoy the river more than ever? Or how about breaking that one bad habit that keeps your improvement in a rut and your confidence lower than it should be? Or how about visiting one of the Worlds Greatest Rivers! The Ottawa River, in Ontario, Canada.


This year you can visit a new place, learn new skills and have a great time with a great group of people.


I will be teaching 3 courses this summer each offering something different for different people.


The first two classes are through Madawaska Kanu Center, with Katrina Van Wijk. A Youth Course followed by an Adult Course (or big kid course) geared at having as much fun as possible!


For the Youth Course (18 and under) we will be spending two days on the Madawaska River focusing on slalom and using proper strokes to get you where you want to go. This activity will help in all whitewater scenarios and by adding slalom gates it will make successes and failures easier to understand! The next two days will be focused on running the Ottawa River and playing our way down stream. We will be focusing on both maneuvering in big water and playboating to each individual’s comfort level.  Our goal is to set your kid up for success and give them all the tools they need to be comfortable and excited about kayaking. These lessons can be transferred over into most life scenarios, showing that when setting your kid up for success only makes them want to succeed in life even more!


Adult Week follows Youth Week- which is why I like to call it Big Kids Week! Its the same course as the kid’s week with only three days instead of four. Focusing on all aspects of whitewater paddling- slalom, freestyle and river running. We will give you all the basic tools to be successful in whichever aspect is the most fun for you! When we are not paddling we will be enjoying a cool beverage at the OWL Resort on the Ottawa River or some of the organic food at MKC’s lodge!


The last but not least course I will be teaching is through Wilderness Tours. This is a Women’s specific week. With 5 Days to break down each aspect of whitewater paddling, strokes and concepts, rolling, bracing, river running, and playboating will all be incorporated into this course. This clinic is designed to break down every bit of paddling so that way as we gain confidence in each activity, our general confidence on the water will sky rocket. Not to mention there will be plenty of celebrating our great days on the water with drinks for Joe’s Drink Shack, hot tubs and plently of resort style entertainment!



A solid roll would be recommended for any of these clinics but if you would like to email me about more depth on the rolling factor, please don’t be shy.


Below is a link to the each of the courses, prices and their dates! Be sure to contact me for any extra info and I hope to see you on the water!


Womens Clinic at Wilderness Tours and Ottawa Kayak School


Adult and Youth Week at Madawska Kanu Center and Owl:

Happy Paddling

Emily Jackson