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Alabama Mountain Games 2012 would be the best year so far. The weather was amazing and it seemed to liven up everyone’s day. NAWFest/AMG has made some changes over the past few years and every year new ideas and ambitions come to light. With all the money to benefit the Brand Hinds Land Trust every year is more important than then year before. Our first stop on AMG 2012 would be the Huckfest and Boatercross at Short Creek Falls. Every year I think there is no way I will see a new off the waterfall trick and every year I am amazed that the bar keeps getting raised. This year was no different with Dane Jackson, Nick Troutman and Hunter Katich leading the way and throwing some incredible tricks off the lip. After a very exciting Huckfest with more people just jumping in the water because it was so refreshing, Boatercross was next. Boatercross consists of a mass start by each class. This leads to some huge crashes. After a great day of competition the trip out began with Keith Yell attempting the first Sup run of Short Creek after he did the first Sup waterfall off Short Creek Falls. Saturday’s events was brought back to King’s Bend. A logistical plus but a flushy hole. This would make competition stiff and staying close to the hole would be critical. Some big moves and incredible competition took place on a inconsistent feature. With sunny skies again and a variety scoring system to reward people for hitting different tricks it made for a great competition. Every year the competition between Dane and Nick is is about as exciting as anything. If I did have a wish it wouold be to have more women competitiors come represent their parts of the country. That afternoon we had a SUP Boatercross and a five mile SUP race. These were both amazing After listening to Rollin in the Hay on Friday and Rescue Dogs on Saturday I will that my ears are doing great. With prizes cash money, slacklines, sup races, 20 foor water, sunny days, great music, money going to land trust 2012 with not dissapoint,. Hope to see everyone in 2012. Here are some of my favorite photos from 2012, oh yea and the results.

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After last year being in the final five of Tribe Riders awards for Best downriver trick this year everything needed to be stepped up. With that said make sure to watch the new Jackson Kayak Episode 4 with more information about this great event.

Results Alabama Mountain Games 2012


Men’s Pro-
1. Dane Jackson- Rockstar
2. Nick Troutman- Rockstar
3. Hunter Katich- Rockstar

Women’s Pro
1. Jessica Harrison- Kingpin
2. Emily Jackson- Rockstar
3. Haley Mills- Project

Men’s Expert-
1. Davis Moers- All Star
2. Clayton Hoskins- Project
3. Jordan Sherman- Greenboat


Men’s Pro-
1. Dane Jackson- Rockstar
2. Nick Troutman- Rockstar
3. Luke Scott- Solo

Women’s Pro
1. Haley Mills- Project
2. Jessica Harrison- Kingpin
3. Emily Jackson- Rockstar

Men’s Expert-
1. Clayton Hoskins- Project
2. Tommy Hehnan- Rockstar
3. Kyle Katich- All Star


Men’s Pro-
1. Nick Troutman- 272- Rockstar
2. Tommy Yon- 265- Rockstar
3. Dane Jackson- 242- Rockstar
4. Mike Tavarez- 211- Project
5. Jonathan Shales- 187- Rockstar
6. Clay Wright- 174- Rockstar
7. Hunter Katich- 147- Rockstar
8. Keith Yell- 109- Project 52
9. Daniel Dutton- 96- Rockstar

Women’s Pro-
1. Emily Jackson- 212
2. Haley Mills- 160
3. Jessica Harrison-21

Men’s Expert-
1. Bennet Smith- 148- Rockstar
2. Jake Ament- 129- Rockstar
3. Tommy Hehnan- 92- Rockstar
4. Chuck Armentrout- 88- Rockstar
5. Andy Lushington- 87- Rockstar
6. Mark Travis- 74- Fluid Nemesis
7. Matt Thornton- 66- Rockstar
8. Kia Franken- 41- Shooting Star

1. Dane Jackson- 217
2. Hunter Katich- 126
3. Nick Troutman- 103
4. Jake Ament- 98
5. Walt Lynch- 54- Jackson
6. Keith Yell- 11

Men’s Intermediate-
1. Jon Reynolds- 115- Jackson Superstar
2. Eric Lee- 47- Allstar
3. Joey Robinson- 46- Project

Men’s Beginner-
1. Clayton Hoskins- 88- Project
2. Jacob Aurther- 58- Mamba
3. Davis Moers- 57- Allstar

Junior Men’s-
1. Hunter Katich 160- Rockstar
2. Bennett Smith- 116- Rockstar
3. Davis Moers- 73- Allstar
4. Kai Franken-30

Big Trick
1. Hunter Katich

Mountain Man
1. Dane Jackson

Jackson won 27 out of 40 medals.

Hope to see everyone there in 2012.

The following weekend it rained some more and my favorite wave came in. The name, Dessert Wave. Here are some photos of this great rapid when it was in.