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This past weekend, I had the joy of paddling down in the Kaweah drainage with lots of great friends for what was most likely the high-water weekend of the year.  We got on 3 runs that I’ve never paddled before: the North Kaweah, the South Kaweah, and the lower 1/2 of the East Fork Kaweah at mega-high water!  With temperatures in the upper 80’s and sunny all weekend, it was a weekend to remember for sure!  I’ve been creeking the ne Zzen 65 (which isn’t strictly-speaking a creek boat, but does amazingly well even when the going gets steep), and Team JK paddler Claire O’hara is in the Hero.

Our solid crew included Macy Burnham and Amanda Burnham-M., Nathan H, Chris Tulley, Claire, and myself.  It was the perfect opportunity to run new and challenging water for me.  Throughout the weekend, we were immersed in California’s granite bedrock goodness and boulder wonderlands  Apparently William Shatner  has a ranch near the take out for the South Kaweah, but no one else wanted to go looking for/stalk him with me….sad times…  Well, at least the boating was great!

Enjoy the eye candy photos!

Live from Reno, NV,

Stephen Wright

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