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I first learned to roll in a Jackson, my first boat was a Jackson Fun which I won the Beginner category of the Midwest Freestyle Championships in (my first competition ever), and now I have a Jackson Villain S which I absolutely love! I had the opportunity to paddle a Zen 65 this past weekend and it was awesome! A super fun boat that is at the top of my purchasing list. This past Easter break myself and 2 other friends (one boater, one shuttle bunny) drove down to TN from WI to paddle the Tellico river for the weekend. We spent 40 hours driving in a regular cab Chevy S10 with three guys just to get down there. This picture was taken on Baby Falls with both of us sporting our Villains! Fun Fact: The orange, white, and green Villain is John McConville’s (JK Regional team paddler) old boat.