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First Ever North Texas Kayak Tournament
Won in my Jackson Coosa

This all started last year at the annual fall get together of the local kayakers. One of the most appreciated members decided to announce that he would be starting a new kayak fishing trail.

The North Texas Kayak Trail was born, and all thanks to Josh Neumeyer. Did a first class job of setting this up, web page cool graphics and 3 major events for 2012.

The first event of the year was located at Lake Ray Roberts, located in north Texas, one of the more beautiful lakes in the area. Start was at 6:00 am, wow, that was early, as I driving to the event was not sure who would even show up. Was I ever surprised the parking lot was full, and was nice to see all the kayak anglers ready to fish! It was what is called a shotgun start, this is where everyone starts from a central location and drives to the location they want to fish. Rules of the event, each fish must be caught with a picture of fish laying on scale with the tag for the day. Best total length of fish out of 5 fish for the day wins the event.

Everyone was talking smack as always, the buzz was in the air; and where ready to take on the lake. Got to walk around and chat with everyone, it was exciting to see some many anglers and the excitement of the first tournament ever.

Then, those famous word’s from Josh, let’s go, you would have thought there would be several wrecks as people were trying to get out of the parking lot. Was interesting seeing where everyone would go on the lake to fish. So many choices, do you drive about 40 minutes to fish the northern parts of the lake or take a quick 10 minute drive and fish the southern park of the lake?

I decided to make the most of the fishing time and fish the southern part of the lake. I was hoping for clear water due to all the rains from the last several days. Got setup for the day and launched at 7:00 am, there was only one other person with me at the area I was fishing.

The morning was going slow to say the least, only caught one 10 inch large mouth bass by 10:30. Had to make a decision to stay in this area and hope to find more fish or move to a area that might be the better choice. Decided I would need to move to another spot or not have a chance at all in the event. Loaded up kayak and moved to the local marina in the area, about 3 miles away.

Drove around the marina, and looked the area over for a good place to fish. Decided to launch and fish in the shallow areas around the marina. This time of year the fish are around the shallows looking to spawn for the year. Was not long I was into a very large fish, what a battle, this one came in at 19”, game on! Only took about another 10 minutes and as able to find one more fish in the same area came in around 13”. Now we are getting somewhere, needed to catch 2 more to make the limit of 5. Area slowed up once again decided to move.

Moved over to an area that had a long flat off a point out towards the marina, to very deep water. Got lucky and found a school of fish, hooked several in just a very short time. Both fish were around 13” and came from this area in a school of fish. That was it, 5 fish, was really hot and decided to go to the weigh in early.

Got back to the weigh in location about an hour early, only two anglers came in before me. Handed in my card to Josh for the official measuring of the fish. Now the hard part, have to wait to see what everyone else would bring in.

Was able to sit a talk to everyone as they came in, one of the best times of the day. Learn so much, get to see what people were thinking, were they fished and why they chose that area.

Finally everyone was back all fish measured and Josh was ready to announce the winners. Had a total of 20 at the event, Big Bass went to Robbie Milam at 25”, listed below are the results. I got lucky and pulled out first with my 5 fish, can not wait until the next event. Have some pictures as well below, enjoy.

The Results:
1. Mark Palovik……….70.75″
2. Tom Hansen……….66.5″
3. Shaun Russell………64.125″
4. Jason O’Brien………63″
5. Daniel Wallace……..62.125″
6. Rob McFarren……..47.25″
7. Gabriel Gildner…….39.75″
8. Garry Crain………..27.75″
9. Robbie Milam………25″
10. Brandon Derrick….14.625″
11. Douglas Short……..13.25″
12. Joe Davis…………13.125″
13. Brett Delk
14. Thomas Ward
15. Joseph Anglin
16. Chris Anglin
17. Carol McGaughey
18. Jerry Hamon
19. Whit Dieterich
20. William Meredith