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With the spring weather arriving here in Colorado, the Lyons Kids Kayaking Club is finishing their winter pool sessions and looking forward to moving to the river. This winter’s sessions were another super successful year, with kids ranging from brand new beginners, to kids pushing into class 5 creek boating working on their skills together in the pool. It was awesome to watch the older, experienced kids teaching and helping the beginner’s kids (and beginner parents). Many of the new kids had their first experience with a kayak in these pool sessions and now are hooked on the sport. What a great way to grow the sport and the Lyons program.

Special thanks to all the coaches who helped out, all of whom donated their time and effort to this program. I am proud to say that every dime that came in from these pool sessions went into new boats, gear, and paying for the pool. All of the instructors donated their time, as in FREE, every Friday night to make this program a success. We also have to offer a super big thanks to Marty Cronin and the Jackson Kayak family for being such big supporters of the Lyons Kids Kayak club. Their support is what makes this kind of kids program happen. As you can see from the picture this club is definitely a Jackson Kayak group.

See ya’ll on the river!!