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One Summer Nick and I dropped into Phil’s Hole on the Ottawa with our All- Stars and our fishing poles in hand.

We surfed the big hole and then surfed out and were able to fish the top eddies from our play boats.   While the

Coosa is a good boat for doing smaller rapids, the really big rapids require a sit-in kayak with a spray skirt.   The

Rock Star is the perfect boat because it is super short and small, and easy to surf waves and holes, and you can

reach the entire boat from the bow to stern.    Jackson Kayak has partnered with Sea-lect Designs for our final prototype

Photo provided by Ryan of Sea-lect Designs

of the first ever freestyle fishing kayak.    

Many fishermen have never paddled a short boat before, so the rudder is standared

instead of optional as the Rock Star does not track very well without it.     Beginners will like the fact that you can carry the

boat with one hand, and throw it in the back of your truck.   Experts in whitewater will love the places this boat can take you

and the fun you can have on the way down.   While cartwheeling and looping with your fishing pole mounted is more difficult

it is still quite fun.    The best fishing tends to be in the eddies that you can only get to by whitewater kayak, too!

World Kayak plans on a full freestyle/fishing competition season starting in the fall of 2012 called the Hometown

Freestyle Fishing Throwdowns.       Drew Gregory and Nick Troutman will be heading up the rules committee as this

is an entirely new sport.   USFKA is looking to expand their user base and bringing fishing into the mix with the Bassmasters

Tour is an incredible opportunity.    The Mon-Star is going to be the most popular size, since the fishing team has more XL and SSL

than the whitewater team.

Here are some photos of the first “pre-production” boats…