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My (Courtney Kerin) first Rodeo event as a pro woman, the NOC shootout 2012.
It’s a big step up from being a Junior but definitely gives me more drive to push myself harder. We arrived on Monday to work on rebuilding the feature in the freezing cold waters of the Nantahala Gorge.
It started out with prelims on Saturday with the newly built feature just outside the NOC.
My first event was womans C1 which was a lot of fun. As I am fairly new at c1, my trick list was very limited. I started in the top eddy and during my rides attempted entry moves, spins and loops, though I wasn’t 100% successful. After this I had a short break while mens C1 was happening before I was up for my first pro woman’s event in K1.
Competing against the woman I look up to is an awesome feeling and an amazing experience. I got onto the water in my Rockstar S trying to stay positive and with a good routine in my head. I had to make top 5 if I wanted to make it through to finals and I was up against some of the worlds best. I was in the second heat as the second last rider, but with an awesome first ride I made it happen and I was already through to finals with my second ride just determining what place I ranked going into finals. My second ride wasn’t quite as successful but was still good enough, putting me in second place going into finals. I was super stoked with my results and excited for finals on Sunday.

Sunday morning came and anticipation was high. My first pro womans final, the worst I could do was 5th now, but of course I was aiming for higher.
I had some good rides and tried not to let the cold water distract me. My highest ride was 300points and placed me third amongst the pro woman, with Hayley Mills gaining 2nd and Emily Jackson taking out first place with an incredible ride.

Although the water was cold, the event was great and people friendly. All round the weekend was full of excitement! I can’t wait to come back for World Cup this year!