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Last weekend a solid group of Tahoe area boaters got together for a river running extravaganza on the North Fork of the American River. We got together to have a temporary good by paddle for our buddy Jason Craig. He was due to go back under the knife to have the metal removed from his back one year after his accident. Let me tell you a little something. If he starts paddling better than he was with the metal in his back the freestyle community should be ready for the heat! We had every shape and size of boat imaginable together. Noah Fraser and I were in our trusty Fun Runners. Jason Craig and Phil Boyer were both in Rockstars. Ruth Gordon and Toby Ebens were giving the Zen a test drive, while Jessica Yurtinus was boating her Hero. Trevor Clark was enjoying the villain “S”, Shannamar Dewy was in her All Star, and last but not least Darin McQuoid was sporting his new Dancer. We all had a blast boofing, splating, surfing, and endering our brains out. Darin sent me the two sweet ender shots of Toby and Jessica. It is amazing that he can even make a point and shoot camera take better photos that the rest of us. Enjoy the video that I made while harassing everyone with my Go Pro.

Later; Colin
Team JK