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I finally found a playboat that doesn’t try to kill me. Being a big guy, makes it hard to find a playboat that really just clicks. I have tried numerous other brands of playboats, and every one I would try turned my river play, into a fight for my life. I was about to give up on the whole playboat scene, but before I did so figured I would see what the Mon-star had to offer. I could tell from the moment I got in the boat It was the one. No longer did crossing an eddy line feel like I was fighting for survival, but it felt almost natural to be able to slide right in. Peeling out was no problem, the whole grabby feeling was gone. Finally i was able to enjoy a river without having to break out the creek boat to ensure my safety. The Mon-star is the boat to go to for any big guy boater, that has struggled dialing into a playboat. Thanks to the Jackson team for making my playboating experience a true enjoyment!