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Hey Folks!

Spring just arrived in Cali and  we got enough water to fill up the reservoirs in Cali! My friend Mike Juarez, Ian Devine and Kelly decided to explore some rivers around Big Sur Monterey area once it had rained enough. We found 2 creeks perhaps 1st descent on the small session of the upper big sur river and the upper arroyo seco. Awesome Rivers! We had to hike a bit to get to our put in so that was a  good warm up!

4- reasons I have to have a Large Villan in California

1. Super fast (cuts big rolls as a rocket)

2. Have enough flotation to keep you on the surface on the drops

3.Enough space for expedition gears on the back

4.Little handle inside which makes hikes way WAY more comfortable (you need this in Cali)

Spring is here try yourself the Villan on Cali creeks and enjoy the most safe and fast creek boat on the market

David Stefan