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Man, where to even begin with my Jackson affair… First with the brand: I live in Nashville, TN so not too far from the Jackson’s home in Rock Island and the JK Factory. So right off the bat, I’m wanting to support the local business. Add to that the fact that they make the best playboats, hands-down, and you have a clear winner. Not to mention that the Jackson family (and everyone that works there for that matter) are some of the most friendly, helpful and approachable people I have ever met. I also met Ian Stewart, the customer service rep for Jackson, through a friend and he is no exception. Absolutely one of the most positive, nicest people you will ever meet and I’ve had a wonderful time running Clear Creek with him multiple times, getting his advice on Jackson boat sizes for me, etc.

Now as far as my Jackson playboats and why I love them, besides the brand and the people… The boat you see in the picture is my 2011 Jackson Superstar Elite. I had a Liquid Logic Freeride before, which was my first playboat. I had only been doing river-running and creeking before up until that point. I liked it and it was fun but I was still a little intimidated by bigger holes, rougher rivers, etc. Then I got my Superstar and it was like a whole new world opened up. The blend of amazing stability and playfulness is absolutely jaw-dropping. I can fling my whole body over the side of it and still stay up, but if I want, I can throw down the stern at a moment’s notice and stern stall/squirt like a pro lol. Basically the Superstar makes you feel like a superstar!

I now have a RockStar Large and I’m loving it all over again. All the greatness of the Superstar but with even MORE pop! But don’t think I have sold the Superstar lol. I love it still so much that I can’t seem to part with it. At this rate, I’m gonna need some more storage for my boats. Thank god my fiance (wife on the 28th of this month) loves paddling too. She has a RockStar Small and loves it to death. She calls it her tiny boat. 🙂

Keep doing what you’re doing Jackson clan. You make amazing boats and even more so, you are great people that make the kayaking community proud.