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raven fork

Tyler Burns on Cave Man -Photo Daniel Rucker

Two Jackson Kayaks, Two Bikes, and a Station Wagon

Just before Spring Break, it hit me: I will never experience the wonders of Spring Break ever again. With this being noted, I immediately started brainstorming how to close out these beloved breaks in a respectful and epic way. My conclusion came to what I know best: whitewater kayaking! I set out in my station wagon to travel the east coast in search of the best possible whitewater kayaking I could find. I am no stranger to runs on the east coast, but to link all of these rivers together in a one week period is an adventure to say the least.

Notes from Spring Break:

  • Car camping can become quite interesting when most National Forest Areas are still winterized.
  • Not having set plans adds an extra sense of freedom!
  • Running old and new runs in the Super Hero and Villain made the trip just awesome!
Whitewater Kayaking

Flying Super Hero -Photo Ky Hart

My original itinerary involved a direct drive to Fayetteville, WV where I could base camp and tackle personal new runs in a new area. However, this itinerary was quickly discarded when rain started pouring over the state of North Carolina. Here is a break down of my last and best spring break ever:

Southeast Whitewater Kayaking

  • Friday: Upper Cullesaja (Super Hero)
  • Saturday: Raven Fork / Lower Cheoah x5 (Super Hero / Villain)
  • Sunday: Green River Narrows (Super Hero)
  • Monday: Watauga (Villain)
  • Tuesday: Cranberry and Lower Meadow (Villain)
  • Wednesday: Russell Fork (Super Hero)
  • Thursday: Russell Fork (Super Hero)
  • Friday: Cohutta First D Scout (5.10 Canyoneer Boots)
  • Saturday: Ocoee River (Villain / Super Hero)

Jackson Super Hero:

whitewater kayaking

Entering Raven Fork in the Super Hero -Photo Daniel Rucker

Spring Break was my first time trying the Jackson Super Hero on more difficult creeks and rivers. My first impression = awesome! Tight moves and turns become even easier with the length only being 7’9″, boofs become huge with the shorter stern, down river and hole play have never been better in a creekboat/river-runner, and 90 gallons of volume keep you floating high and extraordinarily stable. For being only 7’9″ I was amazed at the amount of speed the Super Hero carries. Great boat for the tight moves on the infamous micro-creek Cullesaja, dynamic and in control on the classic Raven Fork, transformation of the Green River Narrows in to a large playground, responsive in heavy water on the Russell Fork, and extremely playful in larger holes on the Ocoee.

Jackson Kayak Villain

whitewater kayaking

Brink on Lower Meadow

The boat that I have trusted for years. The Jackson Kayak Villain is fast due to its length of 8’8″, responsive at carving down stream and in/out of eddies due to its advanced rear chime design, rocker designed to boof (yet very responsive mid-flight), volume (92.5 gallons) that punches holes and floats high over rocks. Whether I am charging downstream or trying to minimize my strokes, the Villain consistently delivers responsive handling and great control.

2012 Spring Break Whitewater Kayaking Video

See you on the River,

Zach Fraysier