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Santa Cruz, CA is home to the famous break, Steamer’s Lane. The surfing is great for Fun Runners and for traditional surf kayaks. Next year I hope to compete in my Fun Runner in the surf. There were many whitewater boaters at the surf break this year including Jeffery Steeler, Julie Mitravich, Kate Smith, Joe Carberry, and me. Swagger Jack Productions filmed the event the last two years. Canoe and Kayak hosted a party and video on Saturday night. All I can say is make sure you enter for next year and bring your Fun Runner. If you like to surf big waves you will get your share at the Santa Cruz Paddle Festival. There is also a SUP surf off and race.

I must admit that the waves were pretty big this year. I only took three in my last heat, you are scored on your top three, because my mental toughness was running out. Right before our heat started Kate said, “I don’t care who you are or where you live, these waves are big, (They were the size of houses) but that doesn’t mean I am not going to surf them.” I thought to myself, “me too…” I did have a great time surfing with Roberta from Brazil, Kate, and Julie in the finals, but I was sure glad when the final buzzer sounded. My Murky Water Surf Kayaks were fast and made catching these huge waves a snap.

Looking forward to seeing you all out on the water. I am back in Idaho now surfing on snow melt and preparing for Nationals at KWP July 7 & 8th! See my previous updated for the HUGE purse and more information on Nationals in Idaho.

Off to run the Little Salmon in my new Zen!