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2011 – 2012 Angler of the Year

The PFTS Angler of the Year competition was sponsored by Jackson Kayak. The points were close and the eventual winner had what might be called an uncomfortable lead going into the final event. There were a couple guys who had a shot at taking the lead if they could put together a big day in the final event.

Rik preparing the Jackson Kayak Cuda for presentation to the Angler of the Year.

Chuck “Teamshaft1″ Statham fished hard and held his lead to become the 2011 – 2012 PFTS Angler of the Year. With 336 points, he beat second place by just 11 points and third by 35 points. With one point equal to one inch and those points spread out over 5 events, Chuck had to fish hard at each event to stay in the running. Congrats Chuck! You deserve the win.

Photos courtesy of Bill “Heywood” Howard.

For his efforts, Chuck took home a shiny new Jackson Kayak Cuda, a Polar Bear Cooler and a Hook 1 gift certificate.

The winners for 2nd through 10th are:

Position Angler Points Winnings
2nd Place ChrisR 325.25 $423
3rd Place Justin “13″ 301.50 $302
4th Place Andrew “Buda” 283.50 $242
5th Place Walt “EZYLYF” 277.00 $181
6th Place Dave “Bigfish171″ 226.50 $61
7th Place Stev “Tide1On” 204.00
8th Place Todd 198.25
9th Place John “JKL” 194.00
10th Place Norm 182.00
(l to r standing) Dave “Bigfish171”, Andrew “Buda”, Justin “13”, Norm, Steve “Tide1On” (l to r kneeling/sitting) Walt “EZYLYF”, Chuck “Teamshaft1”, ChrisR, Todd