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  • Favorite Kayak and Why- My red Jackson-Fun 1 named “Reddy”, It is a kids size but just as good as my Dad’s Rockstar
  • Favorite River and Why- Upper Deckers on the South Platte because it has easy parts and challenging parts with a perfect surf wave for Reddy and a great spot at the take out for cannonballs into a pool.
  • Favorite Paddling Experience and Why– When I got my first roll in the pool, It made me really, really, really happy.
  • Favorite Paddling Group and Why- I have a few, The Lyons Kids Kayak Club and The Colorado Whitewater Association.  They are my friends and have great instructors that have taught me lots of things best of all the “EJ” roll.
  • Favorite Jelly Belly Flavor- A&W root-beer and sometimes bubble gum
  • Favorite Color for a Kayak- Turquoise and purple tie-dye….Don’t tell Reddy.

  • Top Ten reasons everyone should try kayaking!
1- it’s Fun
2- for the challenge
3- you get to make new “river” friends
4-  you get to go to K’s Dairy in Buena Vista for a chocolate dipped ice   cream cone after a day kayaking on the Arkansas river
5- it makes you feel really good to learn something new
6- it’s a great reason to get outside on an adventure with your family
7- you get to travel to great places with your friends
8- to learn about river features
9- to play in the water
10- to learn tricks like cartwheels or stern squirts

  • How long have you been kayaking?
I started when I was 4 in a lake and pool & now I am 7 and getting my rolls and going down the river.
  • In three years I want to?
Be doing tricks and maybe even a hands roll, I’ll be better than my dad but don’t tell him that…