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Hello Folks!
My friends Mike Juarez and Clay called me 2 days ago and asked me if I was up to do a first decent near the upper Camp Creek by Tahoe ,Cali. I accepted once it felt like spring!

It was absolutely awesome! It took 7 hours to run 5 miles. A bunch of hard portages, but also huge slides big drops.
My thoughts on kayaking here in California are changing a lot. Its amazing being able to live in a place like this with TONS of first descent around my house.
I am addicted to the idea of first descent’s in kayaking and I personally think its my favorite type of kayaking.
The upper Camp creek can be gnarly and you have to be ready to do few portages and big ones,  after you have done  the portages you’ll find huge fun slides all over 🙂
Awesome river specially with my Villan
David Stefan