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With the weather being so amazingly warm in Ashland Oregon (88 degrees F), we decided to have some fun on Hyatt Lake!

We took the Saulsbury’s out and had to act like ice breakers in some areas, but of course the Cuda, Big Tuna, Rogue & Ibis were up for the task with ease!

The Big Tuna was a perfect boat for Scott & Larkin to have some good fun without being regular paddlers, Lowel was cruisin’ fast in the Ibis and had no problems getting around that lake, against the wind and through the ice! I took Hitch for his first time on the Cuda and it was great, he was very relaxed, pretty dry and it was really easy for me to paddle with him on there and I was really surprised how fast I was going, also turning without the rudder attached was no problemo!

Marty was in the Rogue and I thought he would be slow, but when dropping the skeg, we were all able to paddle together at a decent speed, as we had to hustle towards the shore to get some wind coverage!

After we were done, the Lake attendant told us we were the first kayakers on the lake for 2012… woot!

What a great time!