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We are back again to the mid west again, where the horses run free along with the rivers. We are here in Green River for the annual Green River Rodeo. This is the second year of Green River hosting this event. It is a brand new whitewater play-park built only two years ago.


It is an amazing event and super cool to see the whole town be support of the park the event and all the kayakers.


Stephen Wright was the winner from last year. Though I’m sure it will be a stacked event again as all the kayakers roll in, with the likes of Dane Jackson, Stephen Wright, Claire O’Haire, the Kellogg Family, Sage Donnelly, Judd Kaiser, Billy Bob Malesky, myself and many more.


Stayed tuned this weekend for results and pictures, or if you are in the area come and join in on all the fun!


Nick Troutman