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Green River Update:

Kicking off the season this year I drove to Green River, Wyoming. I left Sunday
night and arrived early Tuesday morning- due to some complications with the car;
but she’s running like a caddy now!

Training throughout the week was exciting and exhausting. I threw my first McNasty attempt in 7 months and hit it! Although I didn’t stick it, I was still super stoked I still had my moves after quite awhile off. (: I started getting really sore around Thursday night- I woke up the next morning andwas given a pleasant reminder of how hard I had been pushing my muscles. I didn’tmind though, I was out training as hard as I could trying to get back in shape

One of my favorite things about Green River- aside from the accommodating and
friendly community- is that the feature is adjustable Billy, Stephen, and Jud worked
on making the feature the best it could possibly be with amount of water we had. It
was a little hard to dial in the feature at first, but after it was a blast!

Four juniors showed up for the event in Wyoming, giving us only finals round –
three rides best one counts! My first ride was a bust, but I remembered my dad
telling my not to get discouraged if I didn’t get the points I wanted in the first try. My
second ride was much better! And in fact was my winning ride of the event. Coming
in second was fellow team member Sage Donnolley, and in third was a girl from
Jackson Hole WY, in fourth came Anna from Salida.

Thanks to everyone in Green River, the judges and event organizers for putting on
a wonderful event! Can’t wait to come back again next year!