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Here’s a quick easy way to get a camera mounted to your Jackson kayak for those hero shots while you’re out on the water. For this install I’ve decided to use the Scotty 444 Threaded Deck Mount and Scotty 135 Camera Mount. Scotty’s 444 mount is a good choice for kayak anglers as it has a low almost flush profile minimizing clutter protrusions on deck of your kayak. I have paired it with the Scotty 135 Camera Mount which is adjustable for different viewing angles and will allow for both standard 1/4” camera mounting as well as having the ability of excepting the popular GoPro camera’s.

What You’ll Need!

Scotty 444 Threaded Deck Mount
Scotty 135 Portable Camera Mount
Marine Goop(Clear Waterproof Silicone)
Black Felt Marker
1 1/4” Hole Saw Drill Bit
1 3/8” Drill Bit
Cordless Drill

Step 1

Decide on the location of your camera mount. Once you have an idea of where you think it will work take a few shots from the area where the mount will be with the camera you plan on typically using to ensure you’ll get the kind of footage and images you want. There’s no point in mounting the camera only to find out you’re getting great footage of your crotch!

Step 2

Once the position for the mount has been chosen use the 444 Deck Mount backing plate along with a black marker to mark out the location of the holes to be drilled. Double check these marks before drilling. Extra holes in kayaks aren’t a good thing! Using the 1 1/4” Hole Saw bit (the 1 1/4” hole saw is a little on the small side but the tight fit helps to keep the mount watertight)drill out the center hole first. Double check the location of the side holes with the backing plate and then using the 3/8” inch bit proceed to drill the remaining holes.

Step 3

Add a small amount of Marine Goop around the threaded portion of the top half of the deck mount as well as the two 1/4” studs on the mount. Push the mount through the holes of the deck and wipe up any access goop. Don’t forget to ensure the Rubber cap is in place when the mount is inserted into the deck.

Step 4

Install the backing plate and deck mount nut. Tighten in place. I have found simply a turn or so with a wrench after hand tight is more than enough and haven’t had any issues with movement on multiple installations of this mount over the years.

Step 5

Install the cap at the end of the threads on the mount. A small amount of Goop can be applied here as well if you feel it warranted but again I don’t feel it all that necessary.

Step 6

Install the 135 Camera mount in the Deck mount along with the camera of you’re choice and done! You’re ready to start filming.

Quick Tip!

As I spend a lot of my time standing up in the Coosa I’ve also added a Scotty Gear Head Mount Extender which will helps me get a better camera angle . I am also able to pull the extender out of the mount ,camera and all ,and dip it underwater for additional shots of my catch.

Here’s a link to a quick video of the same install!

[youtube] [/youtube]

Stephen Laurie