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As one of the largest kayak based tournaments in the North Eastern area of the United States anglers look forward to this tournament every year. The tournament headquarters is located at Floyd Benett Field in Brooklyn New York an old world war 2 era airport. This tournament has been known to have over 300 registered kayak anglers. This year I was looking more forward to the tournament as it would be the first time fishing out of a Jackson Cuda. My boat was received 2 weeks prior to the tournament and due to a rainy few weeks I had not been able to install a few RAM Mount rod holders and a fish finder and gps mounts on it. I had previously installed the scupper mount transducer.

After I arrived I made time to say hi to a bunch of people including Gregg Crisp the only other present Jackson Kayak Team member then quickly dismounted the boat from atop my truck. Rigging became my primary focus as I wanted to get out on the water as soon as possible. About an hour went by and successfully installed was 2 RAM Mount front rod holders on Yack-Attack mighty mounts. Mounted these on the step behind the forward rod stager grooves. Seemed to be a good place as it is not too much of a reach. Also successfully installed 2 RAM Mounts for my GPS and for my sonar on the center hatch. This worked out real well since i like to change the settings on both of my electronics while i am fishing or paddling. Finally time to go fishing!

NYC skyline

Day 1

Pre-fishing. Was able to get out for 3 hours. Winds were light and variable. Few bluefish were caught including myself a 18″ blue. Fishing live bunker as bait. Went back to camp to set up around 7 pm. Cooked a bluefish a fellow angler shared with us. Came out well foil packing it. I have learned to bleed the bluefish out while out on the water. It makes the meat less oily and less fishy tasting. So it was bluefish and rice. Good dinner.
Here is a photo of me fishing at Jamaica Bay on day 1

Day 2

Tournament officially begins at 12PM. Everyone launches and about 30 min after the launch the winds are 20-25 knots out of the south east. This is one of the worst ways for the wind to blow on this bay. White caps everywhere. Finally time to get the Cuda out in the rough waters. Fished until 4PM caught 1 20″ fluke (Summer Founder) Ended up paddeling into the wind to get back to the drop in. About a mile away i came across guys in Hobie kayaks that couldnt getin any ground. I paddled past them and tried to give some paddling advice to a woman in a pink Ocean Kayak. She looked tired but did not have her paddle feathered. That always helps me going twith a 90 degree when heading straight into the wind. To my amazement the Cuda Handles really well paddling in the wind
I wasnt soaked. And i was dragging the fish on a game clip with its mouth side open. Arrived back at the drop in and ate dinner then was done for the night.

Day 3

Day 3 was a really nice day but the wind seemed to have blown all of the bait away the previous day. Slow fishing but paddled 20 miles in search. Wound up with one 24 inch bluefish trolling.

Day 4

Was only 5 am to 12 PM decided to break down camp and pack up.

Took some photos before everyone packed up.

J-Bay Camp!

The tournament’s proceeds benefited to Heroes on the Water this year. A great charity as they organize kayak fishing trips to help soldiers whom come back physically and mentally disabled from war. On Saturday 5 soldiers were taken out fishing on kayaks with Jim Dolan the president of the charity who made a special trip to the tournament once they were announced as the main beneficiary. They were also accompanied with members of KFA-NY.




Mathew Trucks

‘Yak Chum’

Jackson Kayak Fishing Team