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As the JK educational guy i get to work with loads of great programs that work to get people excited on kayaking. What could be better than that? Seeing some of the super posative results that these programs get. Travis Stewart just sent me this email and photos of what his program has acomplised in their first year. Great work Travis! Enjoy.

Later ; Colin
Team JK

Thanks for the help getting us set up last fall. I just completed the first successful season of the kayak program at John Glenn M.S. I had to scale down the amount of kids I took out on the river this spring for the advanced class due to boat sizes and transportation, but here are some pictures from our trip. The kids will have spent a total of 6 days out on the river this spring, this was the first time for most of them off the pavement. The school had to supply everyone with the most basic of equipment due to the 80% poverty at out school and the lack of any experience outside. The kids who have completed their first year will now have the chance to come back and become assistants for the next year’s intro classes. I hope to keep them involved until they turn 16 and I can find them work at summer camps or parks.

Thanks again,

Travis Stewart
6th Grade Science Teacher
Jophn Glenn Middle School