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Today we had a rare opportunity to not just paddle, but paddle alone in Sequim Bay Washington with some fun curious seals!

The early morning was calm and the tide was up since the moon was so full and the bay was quiet and peaceful. We pulled the Journey 14 & Journey 13.5 down from the trailer, geared up and had a lovely paddle across the bay with some harbor seals surrounding us and following in our wake.


Every time I get to paddle the Journey, I am reminded of how elegant and fun it is to paddle, so easy to turn and fast enough to keep up with Marty. If you get a chance, the Sequim Bay State park is lovely and you can get some great family caught shrimp on the way from port Townsend!


We are headed to Port Angeles then back towards Seattle for the Northwest Paddling Festival!

If you are in the area, this weekend, come check it out, it will be in the 70’s and fun!