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One thing you’ve got to understand about me is that I WAS a die-hard fan of my former touring kayaks – all modified Greenland style, none less than 15.5 feet.   They were sleek and fast and graceful and maneuverable.   They could easily handle as many rather lengthy forays on the water as I could throw at them.


Notice that I said, “…was…” As in, “used to be.”  After paddling the Journey for the first time, however, that all changed; sorry, old boats!!   More of a delight to paddle than I ever imagined possible, the Journey is all that those “other” boats are, AND all that they are not.


Nimble and quick?  Like nobody’s business!  Edgy and punchy, yet smooth-like-buttah?  No doubt about it!  Able to handle big water as effortlessly as it does a tranquil, backwater lake?  Absolutely; matter of fact, the Journey comes into it’s own when it finds some big water in which to play! The obviously felt whitewater influence in the design of this boat makes for a delightful paddle regardless of the venue.  Oh, and those extended trips I so enjoy…  Guess what?  Despite a comparatively short length for a touring kayak, the higher volume of the Journey allows for easy handling of as much of a trip as I can plan.


And then there’s the length/weight factor to take into account…   From those used to nothing longer than a river runner, to the true touring aficionado expecting an 18 foot boat, the thought of a 13.5/14 foot boat may be intriguing on many levels.  All will delight, however, after the first few paddle strokes, especially when said boat is the Journey!   If there’s any boat out there that can suffice to tempt the whitewater devotees, as well as the paddling neophytes, all the while handing we touring folk the elusive perfect boat, the Jackson Journey is it.


All of that aside, do I absolutely love having a boat that I can easily toss on top of my car and/or portage after a long day on the water or a hard workout or what?   You better believe it!


Like any journey, the Jackson Journey is exactly what you want it to be, and precisely what you put into it.  There truly is something for everyone to be found in this boat, and I wouldn’t trade mine for anything.  THANK YOU Jackson!!!


Samantha Christen