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Emily and EJ pick up their bibs...

Jon Lugbill, the most decorated C1 Slalom paddler of all time (5 time world champion) resides in Richmond, Virginia where he is organizing this year’s River Rock Festival.    Paddlers, or want to be paddlers should come out to try out Jackson Kayak boats of all types!    We’ll have our fishing kayaks, our recreational kayaks, and our whitewater kayaks for a free demo on the Canal at Brown’s Island compliments of Jackson Kayak and Appomattox River Company (our local Dealer).      Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday will be when you can try out our different boats and decide which one or ones will be making your summer a big hit!

If you are an experienced whitewater kayaker, there are two events worth registering for and having fun competing in.   The Boatercross is a race where paddlers go head to head against each other in elimination rounds until the finals where 4 boaters go at once to see who is the Boatercross Champion for the James River/Dominion River Rock event.     Freestyle is making it’s Debut this year with a Freestyle event on the rapids as well.    Competitors will be doing spins, cartwheels, flips, and other tricks to score points and hopefully take a place on the awards stand!     Jackson Kayak is a proud sponsor of this event, as it has something for everyone.    If you just want to come and hang out, you won’t be disappointed as once the events and demo are done for the day, the concerts and evening activities begin.    Come see Galactic Saturday night.

If you decide you want to own a new kayak after trying them at the demo, Appomattox River Company will set you up!

I will be getting to Richmond tonight and will be set up tomorrow at Brown’s Island.

See you there!


Here is a Canoe/Kayak article from last year’s event, that had a Ramp competition for the kayakers…

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