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I had documented this process on the Cuda prior to the last IFA event, but I deleted all the pictures off my camera before the tournament since it wass catch-photo-release and I wanted to give the judges a clean card to look through. So today I had it all planned out, I would film and document what it takes to install the mesh cargo panels on the Coosa. You can pick these up at your local Jackson dealer or through their online store. Well I filmed it, but it was too dark (I was in a poorly lit garage while it rained), so the film came out lousy. Then the install was so easy that I failed to take pictures of all the steps because I just breezed right through. Definitely a one beer job.

Here goes what I do have.

First, gather the materials you’ll need to install them. That includes the boat.¬†You’ll need a drill, 3/16 drill bit, hand riveter (essential tool for kayak anglers), and the mesh cargo panels (which come with the rivets and clips needed to hold the net in place). Some folks will use marine goop as well to seal each rivet hole, but I don’t think it is necessary with the location of these holes.



Drill holes in the appropriate locations for your boat. For the Cuda it is 5 spots, pretty straight forward. After you drill the holes you can rivet the clips into place. Make sure to press firmly against the kayak while you do. Keep squeezing that handle until you hear it pop.


4 holes for the Coosa, and you actually need to place the holes for the top clips on top the boat, so it doesn’t interfere with the low position spot of the seat. Also watch when you are drilling the lower holes to not hit the flush mount rod holders.



Then all you have to do is stretch the mesh net over the clips




See, I told you it was easy. If I can do it, you can do it.