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Courtney entering Knife's Edge

I found out on Wednesday about the Spring Moose Festival here in Lyons, New York, just shy of the Canadian Border.     We packed the RV and headed north as it has been so long since I have been here that I can’t remember when my last time was!

We arrived to a  very hospitable town, with Rocky leading us in to the local park to put the RV here for the weekend.    “No Dogs” on the sign, but Rocky and the Mayor said, “Don’t worry about it, we want you here and you just park there and have fun!”   Sweet!

It was too late to run the river, but I saw on Google earth that there were some sweet ponds around in the river’s “Oxbows” that looked perfect for Bass fishing.    I pulled my Coosa off the roof of the RV and got my best spinner bait, and a Zara Spook out and went to a little pond that said “no fishing” on it and asked the guy who lived on it and owned it if I could fish there and he was more than welcoming… another SWEET situation!     15 bass and 90 minutes later, plus another 10 small pickerel and I was ready to get home as it was getting dark and I was hungry.

Another Awesome Coosa Day

View from the Cockpit

I took Kristine to the “Boondocks” restaurant/pub for dinner for date night.  I had the biggest philly cheese stake in the world!

Saturday AM- got up and met a bunch of folks who came in that night and we headed to the river.    Courtney and I in the Zens, awesome!

First slide into a big hit if you go underwater and it is hard to keep the bow dry there watching everyone get ripped to the back deck and flip.    Courtney found a hard left line that I followed that allowed us to hit a kicker that is mostly dried out.    I got wet but barely and will do that line today for sure as the boof was super fun and fast!

Each rapid has some good moves and the run was more full on than I remember.    It is a solid run for sure.     The day progressed with little incident other than one person in our group swimming out of the bottom hole in Sureform and his boat having to be pulled out with a tedious mid river rescue that took an hour.   Three or four swims in our group before it was all over (not Courtney or I, Courtney surfed out of that hole)

Last night was a fun spaghetti dinner by the town here at the park, plus some live music.  I brought “ladder ball” and we had our boats out for people to check out.  NY is a state where JK is an unknown brand for the most part.  Yes, people know of JK but they haven’t really tried them yet, so they don’t know what they are missing!   It was good for me to come and give people a chance to see the boats up close and today we’ll demo some out.    This is a perfect area for the Zen!

I was the photographer on this trip, so no pictures of me.  Here are some good photos of Courtney, from New Zealand, to New York!  I am fired up for another day on the Moose!